How Can AI Improve Customer Experience for Call Centers?

Artificial Intelligence has numerous applications in the financial and banking sectors, including automation of call center operations. Call centers have an innovative environment. It uses high-tech technology, including customer-centric software solutions and audio hardware, to offer enhanced customer service and smooth operations.

Today’s digitally advanced and fast-paced world requires more revolutionized and cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence for call center automation and transformation.

Artificial Intelligence or AI for call centers provides several advantages, such as:

  • Routine process automation
  • Chatbots or virtual agents to solve customer queries through live forums.
  • Offer predictive analysis.
  • Boost efficiency.
  • Deliver highly personalized customer experience
  • Promptly respond to customer queries to offer relevant information.

Importance of AI in a call center

Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, customers have moved from physical to virtual or online solutions in every sector. This makes it a driving factor behind AI incorporation in organizations for the automation of call centers.

In addition, the past year has seen several changes in the call center industry, including the demand for more customer service agents. There has been increasing demand for customer support over several digital platforms and phone calls. Moreover, the cases of agent shortenings have also been increasing over the past few years.

All these factors signify the increasing importance of AI for call centers.

Benefits of AI in improving the customer experience for call centers

Here are a few innovative and exciting ways customer experience has been improved because of AI for contact centers:

1. Intelligent call routing

Earlier skill-based routing systems were used, where customers were routed to agents based on their profiles. Then, customers were routed to a suitable agent who was skilled enough to help that particular customer.

However, intelligent call routing that uses self-learning algorithms eliminates the need for human involvement in this process. Instead, this call routing analyzes customer personality models, behavioral data and patterns, previous call and purchase histories, and more to determine the agent who can take up the customer or the call.

Moreover, if the bots can successfully offer solutions to customers, they can. But they can also route agents to the call for certain situations that require human involvement for efficient customer service. As a result, this technology is getting more effective in handling customer requests with time, eliminating the involvement of agents for basic and repetitive requests, thus improving operational efficiency.

2. Improved call analytics and customer interaction

AI call centers use advanced call and sentiment analysis that analyzes and considers the customer’s tone of voice and sentiments for much human-like interaction.

With voice recognition and NLP (Natural Language Processing) features, you can record your customer interactions and conversations to transcribe them in an easy-to-read format.

AI analytics help spot call center automation trends across wide customer data that provides insights on your customer’s sentiments towards your banks. This allows you to work on your practices and strategies for delivering much better services and customer experience.

3. A detailed and better grasp of customer behavior

AI makes customer interactions and service even more efficient by analyzing customer behavior and trends and providing insights to predict customer needs and offer them services accordingly.

In addition, AI offers detailed behavioral profiles and customer information to agents to quickly work on customer retention strategies and best practices.

4. 24×7 availability and reduction in customer wait time

With AI’s chatbots, customers do not have to wait in a queue to answer their queries. Instead, chatbots significantly reduce this need and address basic customer queries such as resetting a password, paying bills, etc., with no human involvement.

Therefore, chatbots are 24×7 available to help solve customer queries even when a human agent is not available.

5. Facilitated self-service

AI cannot replace every human agent task. However, it resolves simple and fundamental requests that can be considered in the category of “self-service.” When the bots can handle such simple tasks, it allows agents to focus on answering complex queries and work on complex tasks that AI bots cannot handle.

Summing Up

Call center artificial intelligence helps enhance customer experience significantly. The primary use cases of AI call centers primarily fall into the following three main categories:

  1. Automating routine processes and data collection to free up agents.
  2. Improved response time and quality, supporting service agents.
  3. Analyzing call center customer data and information to gain insight into customer behavior and refine strategies.

The active and continuous adoption of AI technologies into call center operations has effectively improved customer experience, operational efficiency and increased the bank’s net revenue. Check out solutions for automated call centers for banks and credit unions. We help improve customer experience, enhance productivity, and offer advanced automated solutions for better and smoother operations and customer service.