Artificial Intelligence in Call Center

Transform your call center from being a cost center to a revenue center



with 95% accuracy from day one, start automating your call center operations



The AI Assistant will engage, educate & enable customers to adopt new offerings



With insights into every conversation, the AI Assistant will use every opportunity to cross-sell your products automatically

What can the AI Call center do?


Same Number can integrate with your existing number or provide you with a new phone number


Human Like

Customers calling this number will talk to the Industry’s first Neural voice-powered AI assistant instantly


Instant Response

The AI Assistant will instantly respond to all customer questions


Staff Assistance

Frontline assistant will provide instant access to policies and procedures to your staff, when a call is transferred

Provide best in class experiences through


Human Level Understanding

Over 95% accuracy in understanding customer questions


Ability to Empathise

Built to understand the nuances of each interaction & empathize



Offers in-depth insights and is highly configurable enabling a high level of control on customer experience offered


Upsell & Cross Sell

Built with the ability to upsell & cross-sell in real time


Call Volume

60% Call Volume Automated in 60 Days


Zero Call Wait Times


Increased Call Center Productivity


Increased Engagement


Increased Revenue

More Features


Out of the box integrations with all major contact center systems

Authenticated Experiences

Multi-factor authentication supported

Advanced Analytics

Actionable insights to improve call center efficiencies, evolve products and understand your customers better

Knowledge Sharing

Instantly share knowledge to customers over text and other chat platforms which are pre-integrated

Seamless Callback

Ability to take call back requests from customers

Voice Biometrics

Built to support voice biometrics & instantly identify incoming calls at 99% accuracy

Expected ROI for your Financial Institution

The number of calls above are automatically calculated based on the number of customers served. You can edit the number of calls if necessary
Savings Opportunity


New Revenue Opportunity


  • Estimated Annually
  • 9-12 weeks Timeframe
  • 60 % calls automated

Note: Industry average cost per call considered is USD $10 (or about $1.5 per minute).
New Revenue opportunities identified in 6% of calls & calculated based on industry standards.

Setting up the AI Call Center

Setting up the AI call center is a breeze and is done in stages to ensure financial institutions see value from day one

Stage 1

No integrations necessary

Set up in 1 day

The AI Assistant is rapidly set up to respond to all informational questions

Stage 2

Fully integrated to your backend systems

4-6 weeks time

Answers all types of questions and helps in executing transactions

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