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Maintenance & Support

Knowledge Update & Training

ROI Benchmarking

Launch Support & Driving Adoption

Learn how UCU has benefited from our Managed Services

Estella Nagahashi

EVP, Chief Operating & Lending Officer, University Credit Union

“In our industry, service is key. We have worked with some of the largest vendors, but we have hardly come across vendors who provide white-glove services such as the ones provided by interface.ai. They are setting new standards in the industry and I hope they continue to scale the same standard of service.”

Chiasia Moua

Vice President, Operations, University Credit Union

“I think the relationship between a vendor and a Financial Institution is very important and we at UCU have a great relationship with interface.ai. The interface.ai team is very understanding, quick to respond, and resolve any issues. This has made the overall process very enjoyable.”

Flexibility with Services

Our service packages are entirely customizable. Broadly, our clients choose either the Self service or a Fully Managed service package

Self Service

Client handles the implementation & maintenance of the Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

We provide end to end training to ensure all the best practices are adopted.

Fully Managed Service

Popular Choice

This is our most popular services package where we manage the end-to-end implementation & support of the Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Pre Launch Services

Fully Managed Service
Implementation and Delivery
We have a highly skilled delivery team specialized in implementing AI systems in financial institutions. Our processes are highly efficient and client friendly. There are no additional charges to integrate with your existing systems.

Our solution is centered around driving value & ROI for our clients from day 1.

Prior to launching, we capture the benchmark of all the metrics we want to impact.

This enables us to continuously track the impact of our solution across these metrics.

Launch Support

We provide all the support needed for our clients to ensure the launch of the Intelligent Virtual Assistant is successful. This includes –

• Product Marketing Support
• Branding & Design Support
• Support with Marketing Activities
• Sharing Best Practices of prior launches

Post Launch Services

Fully Managed Service
Support in Driving Adoption

We partner with our clients to work with them on driving adoption of the Intelligent Virtual Assistant among their customers.

This is usually done by supporting clients with marketing & branding, understanding evolving customer behavior to modify the go-to-market strategies & features.

Continuously making AI assistant better


Updates to Machine Learning algorithms happen every day based on data gathered from customer interactions.

New Scope Training

The AI system gets trained every week for any new scope based on customer interactions.

Knowledge update support

If the Financial Institution wishes to make any updates to the knowledge base, the request is processed within a 12 hour period.

evaluation of ROI

We strive to drive ROI for our clients continuously and have regular checks in place to ensure we add value everyday.

We continuously compare the ROI metrics benchmarked to the new metric values and make any tweaks necessary to ensure rapid value generation.

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