Hear from our employees

Bruce Gillooly

Sales Advisor

Sinu Mohan

Software Engineer

Jaimadhav Senapati

Team Lead - Strategy

Vivek Swaminathan

Director - Strategy

M Thyagarajan Selva Kumar

Sr. QA Engineer

A Shiva Kumar

Team Leader - Knowledge Operations

Anil Nayak

Conversation Experience Analyst - Intern

Mohammad Arshad Kazmi

Senior Software Engineer

Thejas R

QA Engineer

The company's culture reflects the "People Helping People" philosophy, which is foundational to credit unions. The entire team respects and cares for each other as they work together to produce truly amazing AI technology.

The ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is our ultimate competitive advantage.

The company's core strength lies in its team, where everyone is not only incredibly talented but also down-to-earth. The company has an open feedback culture where everyone is encouraged to share their opinions and given equal importance. Strong advocacy for DEI(diversity, equity and inclusion).

At interface.ai, you are guaranteed numerous learning opportunities with a chance to see your work directly impact the company. Good work is always rewarded, and there are no artificial barriers for growth - things like work experience don't matter as long as you enable impact. People who take the initiative and get things done thrive here. The leadership team is very receptive to ideas & feedback and are constantly evolving the company to ensure it reaches great heights. Another special thing you will observe in the organization is that you will always run into people who are ready to help, irrespective of the team you interact with.

I joined interface.ai 10 months ago as Sr. QA Engineer, and it is going great to date. Glad that I have joined the organization at the right time and very happy to contribute to the organization's growth. I am looking forward to seeing the organization reaching great heights.

It's been two months since I have joined interface.ai. It is a great place to work. At interface.ai, I feel good about the working culture, and my colleagues are very supportive. Whatever suggestions we make are considered by the leadership team. The company provides work from home in this pandemic situation which is a significant advantage. We have direct interaction with Srinivas (CEO), who listens to us and his knowledge and guidance helps us to solve problems. I feel empowered, and there is no bias and politics seen here. Pay comes on time. I see growth in this organization as we are moving towards the future. Artificial Intelligence is one of them which is the future in the contact center industry. At last, I can say I am happy to be associated with interface.ai :)

It's been a dream come true to be part of interface.ai. Life has been amazing with fantastic people around. I expect it will continue to be. One of the healthiest work environments I have been part of.

Last 3 years have been awesome at interface.ai. At interface.ai every day, you get to learn new things and get to work on exciting things. I have been getting a lot of great opportunities at interface.ai which has helped me a lot in improving my technical knowledge.

Very supportive environment that treats its employees with respect and encourages everyone to have a balanced lifestyle. Great team members to work with who support you when there is a need. Great opportunity to learn about AI.Good company to work with.

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What drives us

Pursuit of excellence

We are a group of highly passionate and ambitious working to make a difference and leave the world better than we found it.

Think big, Move fast

We have big dreams, and we’re well on our way to realizing them. If you’re willing to learn and grow with us, we should talk.

Our Values


We care for and about each other; always willing to lend a helping hand.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are agile in thinking and passionate about the work we do.

Taking Ownership

We take complete ownership and accountability of work we do.

Deliver What It Takes

An attitude of ‘Refuse to give up’.

Perks and Benefits

Flexible Working Hours

Work as your own team’s schedule demands, as long as work gets done.

Work From Home Policy

It isn’t where or how, but what you do that matters. Work from anywhere.

Comprehensive Health Insurance

Peace of mind in the case of medical emergencies for yourself, your spouse, and your next generation.

Light Bites

Take a break and grab a shot of coffee, or have some snack to refresh yourself.