Why Banks and Credit Unions Need Specialized AI Providers with Domain Expertise to Capitalize on the Next Generation of Generative AI Agents
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In banking and financial services, staying ahead of technological trends is crucial. The next generation of generative AI agents, specifically designed as knowledge assistants, are about to revolutionize the way banks and credit…
Banking AI

Trusted AI: Bot Disclosure, Privacy, and Best Practices
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The use of and trust in AI go hand-in-hand. As financial institutions harness the power of conversational AI to transform self-service, it’s important to prioritize advanced security and privacy controls to ensure its…

Latest Advancements In AI & What’s In It For Financial Institutions
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized numerous industries, and the financial sector is no different. With its ability to enhance customer experiences and optimize operations, AI has become a game-changer for financial institutions. In…

Worried about Deep Fake Voice? Embrace Voice Biometrics for Unrivalled Security
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The era of deep fake voices, manipulative enough to trick an individual into believing that they are interacting with a known entity, has become a national concern. This situation is particularly alarming for…

Active Voice Or Passive Voice Authentication – Which Is Best For Your FI?
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Technologies that minimize operational inefficiencies while enhancing customer service are becoming increasingly crucial for  financial institutions. Voice authentication is one such solution that uses advanced security measures to combat fraud while also improving…

Actionable Insights on How AI is Transforming Call Centers
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With the ever-growing and doubling call volumes in the industries—the need for modern and automated solutions like Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more important than ever. As the COVID-19 virus descended in March 2021…
AI Call Center

How Conversational AI Can Humanize the Experience of Digital Banking?
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Digital banking has been around for a while—to keep at par with the growing customer demands and meet the expectations of digitally-savvy customers. Especially the post-pandemic period has seen many banks and financial…

How Call Centers Can Improve Their Operations by Implementing AI?
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The cutting-edge technology—Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have impacted several industries and their processes, including banks, HR processes, hospitals, and many more. Gartner suggests that 37% of organizations have globally implemented…