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Industry-first integrated dynamic model-driven platform

We combine language, knowledge graph, business logic, and response models that help enterprises to create and maintain richer Intelligent Virtual Assistant or IVA in no time.

Dynamic Model Driven PlatformDynamic Model Driven Platform

Selective override

Choose models from preloaded packages to create rich experiences faster.

Richer for user & Faster for enterprise

Our industry-first approach powers IVA for human-like rich conversations to users deployed quickly by any enterprise.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Human-like rich conversation for users

Automated Multi-turn Conversations

Rich Domain Understanding

Sophisticated Workflow Chaining

Semantic Language Understanding

Dynamic Input Management

Dialog flow by google

* time measured from inception to go live

Faster setup & maintenance for enterprise

Language Training & Management

Domain Knowledge Training & Management

Business Logic Setup & Management

Response Creation & Management

Context Setup & Management

Our experts have built solutions to your problems proactively

Realize the true value of AI. By offering out-of-the-box solutions for industries, along with fully-managed services, interface continues to improve IVA across all platforms.

interface for Industries

interface for industries

Specific solutions that cater to niche and common industry challenges.

Choose industries

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interface for Functions

interface for functions

Solutions built with expert domain level knowledge for an array of functions.

Choose functions

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Omnichannel & multi-lingual ready for global enterprise

Support over 100+ languages and integrations to any digital channels from Contact Center to Hologram.


We are the interface to Fortune 500 enterprises of the world

Proven platform with one of the world's largest AI deployments to support over 10,000 conversations in a second. We power global clients with multiple delivery centres across the world.


Every interface can be better


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