Why you need to invest in AI for your E-Commerce


AI-Powered E-Commerce. Empowered E-Commerce

If you’re an E-commerce business looking to make the most out of your online user interface, experience, and user data, maybe it’s time you thought about investing in AI-powered services and solutions.

While many are a bit apprehensive about AI implementation of late, and rightfully so; considering most businesses today are more than happy to jump onto that AI bandwagon, as some would attribute this to that all too prevalent ‘AI trend’ we’ve got going on at the moment (the same folks also further said, “it’s like that time everyone wanted to be an entrepreneur”) ‘buzzwords’ they call it. As true as this may be, there’s a whole lot of truth to the former, as much as there is to the latter most would argue. Debatable.

What is AI-Powered E-Commerce? Is the title self-explanatory?
The right answer would be yes, and no.

Let me explain.

Buzzwords and AI-powered solutions aside, what we do know through empirical evidence and over the test of time is this; with the dawn of technologies, the world wide web and ones’ ability to reach out to consumers through a multitude of mediums, it’s a lot easier to start yourself an E-commerce business – as opposed to two decades back. However, this also directly translates to a lot more competition which is further proportional to your brand drowning out in the crowd made easy.

So, if you’re an E-commerce business looking to make the most of your online user interface, experience, and user data, maybe it’s time you thought about investing in AI-powered services and solutions.

Intelligent Investment – AI in E-Commerce

Give your business the power it needs with AI-powered services. Think of your
E-Commerce business instantly spruced up, sans the gym time and nutrition intake and body rest. It’s instantaneous and easy to implement, this is one of the primary characteristics that have a lot of brands investing in AI when it comes to E-commerce.

With no training required and an extremely smooth implementation process, with the power of AI, give your E-commerce business the potential to succeed quicker than you can say, Jack Robinson.

Provide your shoppers with an experience that’s highly memorable and helps you stand out from the rest.

It’s faster, stronger, better; what was once a little kid learning track is now a full-fledged athlete clocking those 100’s in under ten seconds, and just like most athletes today’s AI is highly flexible, with the ability to adapt to dynamic changes in a market quicker than most humans can, with zero to no margin for error.

To put it simply, AI integrated within your E-commerce means that you offer more value than you did before (sans the AI).

Transform your E-Commerce

Less is more. Faster is better and we’ve got to do the best we can when it comes to avant-garde and innovative implementations. This is exactly what AI does within a business, with your personalized assistants, you can make sure to keep your shoppers happy. Every E-commerce business sets out trying their best to build customer loyalty and delight.

Better user experience is the best way to keep your shoppers hooked and happy. According to a recent report by Magnetic North, one in every three people will simply abandon a purchase because of bad user experience, in this case, the purchase was abandoned because they could find the information they were looking for.

A better website gives your users an experience that’s satisfying and leads to higher purchase of products, this means as a retailer you’ve got yourself a lot of lucrative opportunities that up until now was unforeseen.

Deep Learning
In short, analysis is better.

Data is gold, we’ve said it once and well say it again. Data is gold.

Gathering data and allowing AI to study your data at breakneck speeds means that your E-commerce business makes every decision through an informed and precise manner.

In short, analysis is better.

You can refine what’s said when it’s said. For example, you want to targets specific customer i.e customer A, but customer B requires targeting at the same time as well. AI based on customer behavior and data will target customer A and B simultaneously, with totally different strategies.  

The power to curate and control your business; this is extremely helpful when it comes to targeting specifics, which is also a big boon in the world of E-Commerce.

Targeted marketing of customers and products.

A definitive and targeted audience assists your E-commerce business strategies in multiple ways. From saving marketing energy, that would be utilized to reach a wider audience; however, a bigger audience doesn’t mean higher conversions, as opposed to a target audience, with a smaller budget and higher conversions.

When data is delivered, understood better and finally executed, it translates to a cost-effective business model that’s run on precision. To summarize, AI makes it possible to give your business:

·        Powerful analytics

·        Improved strategies

·        Growth in quality

interface. 7 steps & customer delight

interface offers solutions for your E-commerce business. Align your business goals perfectly in a dynamic market as you’re able to make informed decisions and create a complete, real-time picture of various data assets while you’re able to fine-tune bot-customer interactions to the highest output in sales and customer delight.

With 7 simple steps, interface easily empowers your E-commerce business to do more than just sell, you can sell like a pro. Amateur hours’ out the window – the time to make the most of your E-commerce business through the power of AI is here and now.

Step 1: Pre boarding

interface’s AI assists you to easily pre-board customers, this is the most important and first stage of AI implementation when it comes to your E-commerce cycle. Assistants can provide first-time customers with that much-needed conversational assistance when it comes down to helping them make a final decision, whether to sign up, join or register via the help of FAQs.

Step 2:

AI assistants can help new customers when it comes to that daunting on boarding process most E-commerce businesses dread. Assistants help guests easily navigate through various complex forms – providing an interactive support assistant. This constant helping hand serves up a quick-issue resolution and assists the user throughout; bettering customer experiences.

Step 3: Discovery

It is vital for an E-commerce business to match its shoppers with the right product, this ensures customer delight. We don’t want our users bogged down with many choices for products; this translates to a long process when it comes to reviewing all theoptions and making an informed decision.

AI-powered IVA help with assessing your shoppers’ preferences – recommending them products which are in line with their choices and preferences, shaving off time immensely. These super-smart assistants help with marketing activities, from product discovery to what the top deals of the day are; all of it can be promoted effectively via an intuitive widget.

Step 4: Purchase

Post the user having decided to purchase a product, a personalized assistant enables payments straight from the conversation window itself. This makes a shoppers’ journey seamless; they can enable one-click transactions; moving away from complex multi-page transaction flows that currently exists.

AI-powered E-commerce business is empowered to upsell and cross-sell products, by suggesting users’ products and services that supplement the purchased product.

Step 5: Updates

Keeping in accordance with customer delight and building a user experience that’s second to none, users are kept updated when it comes to their recent purchases or orders.

Order updates are sent to their email accounts, while an assistant can provide an alternative channel for the updates along with resolving any queries the customer might have had on the order. This helps build transparency, keeping a shopper always informed and reduces email clutter on order updates.

Step 6: Returns

Its always about user experience when we’re in business with live shoppers. In lieu to providing a superior customer experience, it’s important to have a solid return process in place. One that’s seamless and smooth and here’s where AI truly shines.

Assistants help when it comes to returning a product, creating a better experience for the buyer; from scheduling to pickups – its customer delight all the way. While this is going on, rest assured your AI is also simultaneously working to assess the problem and reason for return, while drafting solutions.

Step 7: Repeat

For an E-commerce business (that’s successful) repeat customers are key and integral. It reflects a good business model with current tech and the ability of your business to understand your shoppers that have them coming back for more.

AI in E-Commerce is more important now than ever

If you’re a repeat user, AI’s got you there too. Assistants provide shoppers with a highly personalized experience based on their past behavior, it’s almost like you’re at your favorite shop within the area.

From personalized surveys, assistants recommend additional products and services which supplement past purchases along with nudges for reviews and ratings. It’s almost evident at this point that for you to run a successful E-commerce business in today’s disruptive markets, you need a state-of-the-art AI implementation.

It’s that deadly combination of precise and informed decisions married to a humanized touch that your brand stands for. We’re on the cusp of rapid transformation in the online buying and selling sector. The time for AI in E-commerce is more important now than ever.

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