Transformations in software development with AI

Since the inception of the term Artificial Intelligence (AI)  in 1956 by John McCarthy, it has revolutionized the way businesses function. The last 60 years of research on this technology has transformed it into an irresistible technology that can help enterprises take decisions and deploy their resources in a much better way.

The Complexed Codings are made Simple with AI

At the present time, AI is assisting human beings in various ways from self-driving cars to being your personal virtuals assistants like Siri or predicting currency and stock movements to traders. Overall we can say that AI has become a part of our lives.

It is not just our personal life that has been impacted by AI but organizations are also looking forward to using the power of AI for different functions. Today, organizations are leveraging the power of AI in automating mundane tasks while taking a step ahead towards using AI and machine learning in more complex tasks like software development.

The below flowchart shows how AI and machine learning are revolutionizing the process of software development.

A bigger bite on AI in software development

We have researched and observed what to expect from AI in the field of software development. This disruptive technology will ease the complications that are faced by software developers while writing software code.

The software developers around the globe are investing their time and energy in writing codes that follow certain rules. The effort that has been put in creating those complicated codes can be minimized by implementing AI in software development.

However, we are graced with advanced AI technology that can assist developers in solving intricate problems with ease. One just needs to feed the right data and train the neural networks, the rest will be taken care of by AI-powered bots.

Software development is quite a vast field to cover it all. Here we are focusing on some of the important areas where AI can become an integral part.

Rapid Prototyping

The implementation of AI in software development minimizes the time taken for developing software. It generally takes years of planning to turn business requirements into software. Applying artificial intelligent technology in software development shortens this process using either natural language or visual interfaces.

Software Design

Artificial intelligence helps Software Development teams to design software in a more user-friendly way. In the traditional way of developing software, engineers begin with a vision of the solution. They keep on modifying the plan until they come up with a definite solution.

Implementing an AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistant can act as a member of the team of developers. The AI assistants have the power of understanding user’s needs hence helping them come up with better suggestions for the team. AI tools combine millions of relevant websites to come up with the best suggestion to design the software. Hence, such a tedious and mistake-prone task of software designing becomes easier with the assistance of AI.

Automate Testing

Testing is one of the crucial parts of developing software. A dedicated team is required to check the crucial components of a quality software product. The software testers have to make a list of the most likely situations and those situations which can impact on the performance of the program. Utilizing artificial intelligent technology, testers can perform software testing by looking at the past logs and running through a list of previous test cases.

Assistance in Coding

Software developers need to invest a lot of their productive time in debugging code and reading the documentation. The AI-enabled coding assistants assist the developers by getting quick feedback and recommendations based on the codebase. AI assistants help to save quite a good amount of time of developers with these suggestions.

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AI Transformation