How AI in Software will Change the Role of Programmers

Software programmers are always in high demand in every enterprise irrespective of the industry or the target audience. This class of professionals design and run software which make businesses reach and serve their customers through the applications they built.

But in recent times, the software programmers are living under the threat of being replaced by a disruptive technology!

The media and some researchers advocate that Artificial Intelligence (AI) may replace workforce of coders in the next few decades. Let’s have an analysis to find the hidden truth.

Let’s find until what extent the role of programmers is expected to change because of AI in software development.

AI: Threatens or Complements Programmers?

Every industry of this contemporary business world is disrupted by state-of-the-art technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).  AI becomes the call of the time for industries like e-commerce, retail, insurance, banking, travel and so on. Along with everything else, AI makes its presence inevitable in the field of software development.

AI and ML can help in accelerating the complete life cycle of software development. The thinking capability of AI redefines how developers build products manually. Coders need to specify what they want the system to do before building the software. But there are some crucial points like weather differences, distance, angle, and clarity which cannot be taught to computers or we can say that it is quite impossible to enumerate all of them in a program. This is the scenario where AI comes into the scene.

AI complements programmers to program software with higher efficiency. It helps programmers in different ways such as writing flawless code, deploying the code or identifying bugs.

Here is how AI simplifies the software development process –

AI and Software Development – Top Features

Data Security at its Best

Software development needs to transfer huge amounts of data which makes it difficult for cyber security experts to monitor every activity. Any kind of tempering of the data can cause dangerous consequences for the organization. Deploying AI in data security of software development helps the developers to avoid false notifications, delayed warning, and alerts. Once organizations implement AI in software development, the data become super secure.

Strategic Decisions at Ease

Developers are always in need of investing a lot of their time in debating the features and products to prioritize. The hefty amount of time used in making a strategic decision for software designing can be freed up by implementing AI in this field. If we train AI assistants with data from past development projects and business factors, they can analyze the performance of existing applications. Implementing AI in decision-making helps find solutions in shortening the time taken while minimizing the potential risks. AI assistants help software development companies deliver the product in lesser time by speeding up the process which ensures increased revenue within a short span.

No Human Debugging

AI and ML help developers identify bugs to keep the software free from errors. AI can spot bugs instantly and has the capability to fix them. Developers who are aided with AI do not need to invest their time in working on debugging the code. AI can easily be used in testing the software which results in improving the quality of the tested software. AI in testing helps both the developers and testers by automating the testing task while improving accuracy.  AI can go beyond the limitations of human testing and can stimulate thousands of virtual sets of users that can interact within a software, network or web-based applications.

Guides New Programmers

AI helps the new programmers to nurture their skills by providing better insights on how to write code more efficiently. The tools with the power of AI help the new developers by providing suggestions on every step of the life cycle of developing software. Moreover, AI tools are used by the organizations to strengthen the skills of new programmers by assigning tasks to the new developers suggested by AI assistants.

Will AI change the role of programmers?

And the answer is Yes!

The implementation of AI in software development will definitely bring a paradigm shift in the role of developers. The functioning of developers will be eased and less time-consuming. The AI assistants will help developers in almost every step of software development such as making strategy, designing, testing, debugging, deploying and so on.

But at the same time, it is important to mention that AI alone is not yet efficient enough to develop software without the intervention of humans. AI technology is still progressing itself and it will take some more time to become a self-programming machine. The implementation of AI in the field of software development will help produce better and more affordable software.

Make the best of your software development with AI assistants of interface

With the power of AI, software development will become much faster and free from errors or bugs. The software development industry can be revolutionized as AI becomes a part of it more and more.

We at interface, bridge the gap between man and machines with our AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) that can be a part of the software developing team of your enterprises. The AI-enabled IVAs can help the developers to build software which is better than ever before. So be in touch with us and leverage the power of AI in software development to have a seamless experience in this field.

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