Conversational AI: Trends and Insights 2019

Conversational Artificial Intelligence or AI empowers enterprises to engage chatbots, messaging applications or virtual assistants to build relationships with customers which are engaging and fruitful. This cutting-edge technology is spreading across every industry and more excitingly, enterprises are finding high potential in it.

The year 2019 is the year of AI. The evolution and the access to an abundance of data have made AI assistants so smart and powerful that it can help human beings with any kind of conversational support required. The conversational AI assistants motivate the buying decision of the customers in a way which is more impactful than human sales executives. Considering the fact, conversational AI has become a much-sought technology of the present business world. The prospects and trends of conversational AI are driving the attention of the decision-makers of enterprises across the globe.

Conversational AI is heading towards developing progressively in a way which is anticipated by individuals and enterprises for such a significant number of years.  Here we are cutting through the noise to find out the top trends of Conversational AI which makes it the most awaited technology of this era and of the year 2019.

The supremacy of messaging applications

Messaging apps are gaining massive popularity in recent years. Messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Slack, WeChat and so on have developed in the last few years and people prefer to message over phone calls.

The increased number of messaging app users will make enterprises deploy AI-powered conversational AI assistants on their websites. The AI-enabled virtual assistants are accessible via all messaging apps. The brands with the help of these AI assistants get a platform to interface with their clients on those messaging apps throughout their buying journey. Following the current trend, the early adopters of conversational AI will be the winners of the market in the days to come.

More accurate business processing with conversational AI

The voice-based AI assistants are evolving faster than the expectation of the users. For instance, the exemplary AI assistant, Amazon’s Alexa started functioning with simple tasks like playing music or news. But the functioning area of AI assistants is broadening more than this. The interactions between virtual assistants and humans are becoming more progressive, human-friendly, and complex. Virtual assistants are becoming smarter with each passing day and have increased their impact in areas such as claim inquiries, prepare insurance quotes, fixing meetings with clients, troubleshoot computer issues or buying a better internet plan.

Empowered Digital customer journeys

Business intelligence (BI) is going to face a drastic boost with the power of artificial intelligence and more specifically, conversational AI. The business intelligence firms build business strategies and technologies which are mostly used by e-commerce companies. The empowerment of AI will help business intelligence firms have easy access to past and current business data such as page visits, clicks, time spent on site and so on. AI will also help those firms to utilize the data provided to predict the personalized buying habits and consumer’s likeliness to purchase products. Hence, the higher revenue of the business will become a much easier goal to accomplish.

AI-powered  facial recognition system

AI has its capability of recognizing faces for authentication. The year 2019 is going to be the year of face recognition as the mainstream. The digital face recognition system is dominating the early biometric authentication. The year 2019 will witness a wide application of AI-powered face recognition beyond phone unlockings and flight boardings. Here is a graph which depicts the extended use of facial recognition in China.

Conversational AI will automate service desk, health care, and insurance processes

The year 2019 is going to be a year of AI for the industries where customer services are at the top priority. Companies will be able to minimize the service cost by deploying AI assistants in industries like service desk, health care or insurance. AI-powered virtual assistants can automate mundane tasks like password resets and checking balances on bank accounts and so on. Such services by AI will free up human assistants to engage in more complex and crucial jobs.

The healthcare industry can be benefited by AI assistants by automating fixing appointments with patients and follow-up with the patients for further inquiries.

The insurers may no longer need to ask consumers to navigate through confusing websites or filling up lengthy application forms. The AI assistants can make the entire process a seamless one if programmed efficiently.

A step ahead with AI

AI, the technology of the future till last year has become the present trend of 2019. Some experts of artificial intelligence say that the full potential of AI is still on the way while others advocate that enterprises can benefit from this cutting edge technology at its infancy.  Fascinated with AI trends? We, has bought a galore of conversational AI uses which can help organizations incorporate conversational AI faster than any platform out there. Connect with us to know more about how conversational AI can ease your life and business processes.

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