AI is changing the landscape of CRM

Artificial Intelligence or AI is no longer just a concept. In the year 2019, AI has become an essential transformation for enterprises of all domains. AI can automate human tasks while leaving no scope for ‘human errors.. Thus, AI is making its mark in the global world of enterprises providing conversational AI assistance for existing and new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations.

AI Enhanced CRM: The way towards success

AI is transforming CRM along with various other business prospects that CRM offers. Overall, AI is changing the landscape of CRM significantly.

IDC’s AI/CRM survey predicts that – Of the 1,028 organizations worldwide, 28% said they have already adopted AI and another 41% said they will do so within two years.

AI can help CRMs by adding a considerable amount of intelligent features. One of the most prominent AI features is Predictive customer support. This type of customer support can solve the user queries even before the customers reach out to organizations. Predictive customer support is one of many ways how AI can strengthen the CRMs of organizations. In this article, we are unveiling how organizations can use AI to turn their CRM into an upgraded one.

Here is how AI is making its presence inevitable in CRM

Well-Organized Data Management

Organizations can use AI to centralize digital interfaces and social networks data for consumption by CRM. AI-enabled CRM is capable of interpreting and redirecting the data to the sales and marketing teams which can provide real value to the company’s objectives. In addition, it helps organize help desks and marketing departments to manage the customers more quickly and efficiently.

AI in Sales Strategy

Adopting AI in CRM helps organizations to ideate and implement excellent sales strategies. AI-powered CRM can automate data entry and can perform intelligent data analysis for effective lead conversion. Equipped with valuable data, organizations can create a more accurate customer profiles which help the sales team in accomplishing every step of the marketing funnel.

Customer Behavior Prediction

Organizations can integrate AI in CRM to predict customer behavior. AI is an advanced technology which has the capability of intent analysis of the customer. With the help of those sophisticated data, organizations can easily establish personalized strategies to make sure a higher engagement level as well as conversion rate. The White Paper published by IDC advocated the same with the prediction that-

AI associated with CRM activities will boost global business revenue by $1.1 trillion by the end of 2021.

Developing More Engaging Applications

AI in CRM is capable of intelligent data analysis. When organizations have access to such valuable data, they can use it to create applications with more intuitive and easy to use interfaces. Such engaging and customer-friendly applications are certain to drive a higher conversion rate. Above all, enterprises will be able to provide quality services to their customers. Here is a graph that shows how the CRM industry is on a constant growth track of revenue in the United States.

AI-powered CRM for Higher Customer Satisfaction

AI helps CRM to create a customer-friendly marketing strategy. Such marketing strategies target customers at the right time and in the right context. AI helps enterprises make personalized marketing policies that help customers develop positive feelings about the brand. Such high-quality customer service is undoubtedly a determining factor of customer satisfaction.

The integration of AI and CRM presents a wide array of unique benefits and opportunities to the enterprises. AI empowers organizations with a more powerful CRM that helps organizations ensure a better ROI in less time and significantly less effort. AI can change the whole nature of customer management by creating a new and more meaningful relationship between man and machine.

Accenture predicts that – AI has the capability of increasing economic growth in double and boost labor productivity by 40% by 2035.

Results and Revenue: Experience the power of AI-enabled CRM

The year 2019 is on its way to bring more and more enterprises to adapt AI in their CRMs. AI-integrated CRM not only improves the customer experience but also the user experience. When the AI-powered voice assistants are integrated with CRM of enterprises, it helps in gaining higher customer satisfaction, increase retention and promotes sales growth.

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