AI and CRM: The Wonder Combination

The Magical combination of AI and CRM (More magical than Arabian Nights!)

Do you think magic can happen only when Aladdin meets Genie? Well, there are some real-life magical combinations which are more magical than Arabian Nights! Don’t believe?

Here we present  the  magical combination of the modern age – AI and CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become the primary source of data in the sales industry. But, along with the passing time and an increased number of customers, the enterprises are in a need of upgrading their CRM. Because of the tremendous measure of data, the effective management of CRM has become a challenge for the enterprises. At the present time, CRM is at the edge of transforming itself into a technology of the future by combining with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The benefits of CRM have increased significantly from the recent improvements in the field of AI. The need for combining CRM with AI has become important as there is an overload of information which is being generated by the increased number of points of interaction with users.

AI-enabled CRM: The Magic Portion in business processing

The combination of AI and CRM is often called a magical combination because of its outstanding service edge for customers. Many enterprises who have exposed to this combination have experienced a tremendous improvement in their sales. Here are some of the reasons which make AI-enabled CRM an exquisite combination.

Data management in a more efficient way

The AI and CRM combination help the marketing department of organizations simplify and enhance their customer management. With the help of AI, it becomes easy to predict customer behavior and expectations, which helps sales representatives to bring significant growth in sales by automating a number of repetitive tasks. AI-enabled CRM can fetch data from social networks or digital interfaces and centralize it to interpret and redirect to the sales team. This provides real value for the objective of the enterprises.

More customer-centric sales strategy

Enterprises belonging to every industry have an ultimate goal of boosting sales and increasing revenues. The magical combination of AI and CRM is an effective way to create a more customer-centric sales strategy. AI helps organizations to create more accurate customer profiles by automating data entry and sharper data analysis. The predictive analysis of AI predicts customer behavior which helps marketing teams come up with a more personalized marketing strategy. Moreover, AI also helps in the accurate analysis of customers emotions thereby marketing teams can create strategies which will increase the level of engagement.

Automated Data Collection with AI CRM

The collection of customer data can be automated if AI gets integrated with CRM. AI-enabled CRM can collect data from various onboarding touch points like WhatsApp, social media, exhibitions, wearables with minimum or no human intervention. Minimal human intervention helps sales representatives utilize their time in more complex tasks. The sales reps of an organization which has AI-powered CRM can reduce time spent in entering data into the CRM. The sales reps can utilize their extra time to engage with customers with a better strategy to generate more revenue.

Automation of repetitive tasks

AI-powered CRM helps automate repetitive tasks which are often time-consuming for the marketing and sales teams. AI can automate the tasks like data entering, determining call lists or updating the forecasts more efficiently. AI has the ability to analyze customer preferences and behavioral patterns which drives towards higher result-orientation. Using this data, the marketing and sales team can target the clients in a more personalized way. The increased productivity of the marketing teams becomes an obvious thing as many of the mundane tasks are carried out by the AI assistants.

Deployment of Virtual Assistants

The customer response becomes easier than ever before by assigning AI virtual assistants. Virtual assistants not only ease the manual tasks of the organizations but it also gives the customers better satisfaction and higher engagement. AI assistants are available for both text-based and voice-based channels. They can make calls to the customers, answer customer queries, compose emails and can do a follow-up with the customers. They can make more personalized conversations, as  AI assistants are powered with intent analysis of the customer.

The State Bank of India (SBI) deployed SIA, an AI-powered chatbot created by interface which helped this bank to save more than $1.72 million in cost savings in 17 months by handling 99% of inquiries.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most sought-after requirement for organizations. The quick and personalized customer service is undoubtedly a determining factor for guaranteeing customer satisfaction. AI-enabled CRM can drive a user-friendly marketing strategy at the right time and in the right context. Such quality customer service ensures positive feelings of customers for a brand.

The Magic is Now in your Hands

Enterprises around the globe are finding the combination of AI and CRM a promising one. If you are looking to improve customer engagement and create customer relationships which create a real difference to your business revenues, then you are to find the right platform to create this magical combination.

We, at interface, have created a platform for AI-powered  Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) which can be a great fit for CRM. The conversational AI assistants created by our platform can be used in various text-based and voice-based channels. IVAs are on its way to revolutionize the way you interact with customers. We ensure workflow automation and insight into your customers which will inevitably increase business productivity, showcasing the true value of your organization.

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