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We live in such a machine-centric generation where the robots like Sophia have been awarded citizenship of Saudi Arabia. This is not less than a critical milestone for mankind. Robots and automation by robots can mimic human activities while leaving minimal scope for errors. The automation, intelligence and efficiently result-oriented processing of robots are complementing human activities for better outcomes.

Enterprises of today are looking forward to empowering their businesses with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that comes with Artificial Intelligence (AI). For enterprises, automation can help to make the business processes more efficient. The AI-enabled RPAs are easy to implement which makes it a great solution to tasks that don’t require high levels of human oversight.

Let’s  have a look at 10 mind-blowing facts about AI assisted RPA

1) Continuous Service
AI in robotic process automation works 24/7.  Engaging AI-powered super RPAs can work for your organization without a break.

2) Scalable
When you specify any particular process for one AI-enabled RPA, it can be expanded to any number of other robots and conversely. AI in RPA can be decommissioned of a process to work on another one.

3) Granted Delivery of Assignments
Once humans assign a task to RPA, it is designed to faithfully comply with the instructions without fail.

4) Costs Lower than Human
Enabling AI in RPA is a one-time investment. The cost of engaging AI-powered RPA to automate the cost of mundane tasks is much lower than engaging humans.

5) Consumes Less Time
It generally takes years to implement traditional projects with humans. The same project can be completed with AI in RPA within a few weeks.

6) Robots are not Humanoid
This is a myth from ages that robots are humanoids. But the RPAs are more or less like a bot which has the power of AI and can perform the manual processes to streamline workflows through machine learning.

7) RPAs Complement Human Work
Robotic process automation can never replace humans but they indeed complement human tasks. When organizations adapt AI in RPA, it automates mundane repetitive tasks while creating opportunities for humans to evolve in tasks for new technologies.

8) Erroneous Outputs may Come in Case of Wrong Inputs
Contradictory to the belief of many, AI-powered RPAs can give erroneous outcomes if there are errors in the logic fed while programming and deploying them. Robotic Process Automation is built to provide results which are 100% error-free provided the inputs/ the program input into the same is free from errors.

9) Applicable to Enterprises of All Industries
The RPAs can give tremendous service in enterprises of all industries. So whatever the industry your enterprises may function, the RPAs along with the power of AI can be a great fit. In recent years AI-enabled RPAs have provided cost-benefits for industries like telecom & IT,  manufacturing and shipping, healthcare & hospitals, transportation & logistics, and retail & e-commerce. The high-end technology can standardize tasks in any organization, irrespective of the industry.

10) Fraud Detection with AI Enabled RPA
Some industries are always prone to frauds. AI-powered RPAs can do the complex task of detecting fraudulent activities in industries like banking or insurance. The power of AI in RPA can help the employees to perform background checks in a better and more comprehensive way.

The Brighter Side of AI in Robotic Process Automation

The AI in RPA will make human jobs less monotonous or probably more interesting.  The power of AI in RPA will make human workers free to do some creative works of higher levels to make business processing easier.

RPA and AI are both great tools to tools to streamline Business Process Automation but when they combine the new technology become one of the most advanced technologies to automate business processes in a much faster way. Enterprises around the globe are investing in AI-powered RPAs.

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