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A healthy relationship with customers is the key to success for organizations across all domains. But maintaining a meaningful relationship with customers is an ask that constantly challenges decision makers and customer-centered organizations. Organizations have to prioritize customer care, loyalty, and satisfaction to stay ahead of the competition.

Luckily, there are some smart solutions to overcome those challenges and turning challenges into opportunities. One such software is – The Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

CRM complements human efforts by providing better customer solutions and improving business relationships. It helps enterprises improve customer relationships which in turn helps in generating higher revenue.

CRM is helping organizations to maintain a meaningful relationship with its customers provided humans assistant fed inputs to it. But inputting data to CRM consumes a lot of time.

Have you ever noticed that your sales reps spend most of their productive time in doing mundane tasks like data entering for CRM?

Such situations are less productive for most organizations. One of the smart solutions to address this challenge and improve the overall sales productivity is to combine your CRM to AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants. When CRM joins hands with Artificial Intelligence, the technology becomes irresistible. The Intelligent Virtual Assistants empower CRM to make it a technology of the modern day.

Before we explore how the implementation of this revolutionary combination of CRM and IVA can make enterprises take a step ahead, let us have an overview of both the technologies.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

CRM is used to manage sales, business contacts, productivity and much more. The aim of implementing CRM into business is to improve business relationships with its customers and manage sales.

By implementing CRM, enterprises can preserve customer contact information such as telephone number, email address, social media profile and so on in a better and more organized way. Additionally, CRM software can pull and store additional information about the client’s personal references which gives a 360° view of customer behavior. CRM helps businesses to have a better conversion rate with a minimal human effort which sometimes doubles due to manual entry and access to data.

IVA: The Intelligent Virtual Assistant

An Intelligent virtual assistant is a multilingual omnichannel assistant that can be deployed through various channels. AI or artificial intelligence is the driving force of intelligent virtual assistants. The term ‘artificial intelligence’ refers to the ability of a machine to understand, analyze and dialogue in a similar way how human beings do.

The AI-powered IVAs can collect and process a huge amount of data and can predict customer behavior. Intelligent Virtual Assistants have the capability of learning from human behaviors and act according to the circumstances.

When CRM Meets Intelligent Virtual Assistant

CRM is a future-ready technology and it is the most sought after software in the world. Though CRM is software with huge potentialities for organizations, at present day it is undergoing a major transformation propelled by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The integration of the AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistant with CRM enables businesses to better collect, store, manage, and centralize interactions with their customers. The enterprises today are looking for CRM which has AI capabilities.

Is your enterprise left behind in adopting AI in CRM? Be A partner of interface

In this highly competitive world, customers are accustomed to hyper-personalized experiences for deals of any kind. It will be a real game changer if enterprises empower their CRMs with AI and can automate the time-consuming and monotonous tasks. The AI CRMs are capable of delivering predictive and tailor-made customer experiences in no time. The addon of AI to your customer relationship management will empower your sales team to build a better and more meaningful relationship with the clients. So, if you are looking for improving customer engagement and make business relationships which make a difference, let the AI meet your CRM. Be a partner with interface and revolutionize your customer relationship to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

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