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Intelligent & informed. Supercharge your CRM with AI.

Manage data a lot more efficiently.
Make the most of your business opportunities.
Follow up on every sales lead and multiply your customer delight.

More often than not, these practices are looked at as the building blocks that lead to the road of success; also known as that infamous mecca of perfection in an industry that’s dominated by disruption and tentative genius.

With population on the rise and easier access to technology; meeting customer needs has become a lot more challenging for various organizations.

More customers = more data, and in turn; more data means better management of resources to effectively reach out to our guests in record time.

“An IDC White Paper, sponsored by Salesforce, projects that the use of AI in CRM will boost global business revenue by $1.1 trillion from 2017-2021. They claim that it could result in 800,000 net new jobs.”

Jon Walker
Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research.

Market talks

In a recent market survey within the industry, it’s said that a total of 28% of all respondents have already implemented AI-powered CRM to better their businesses, this in addition to 41% of respondents are looking to change how they interact with their guests and plan to adapt AI within the next two years.

Market and guest prediction seem to be the need of the hour, with the help of AI we are able to predict what our guests are looking for a lot easier and quicker. Enhancing customer relationships has never been this seamless.
AI within your CRM is truly a pioneer when it comes to stellar customer interaction.

More human-AI-zed

With the overall theme being to improve customer relations and interactions, the requirement for intelligent and smarter interactions is becoming more and more important.

The progress in tech and better IVA have paved the way for us to go above and beyond what was initially perceived when we thought about machine and human interaction.

Machines today have the capabilities to perform some tasks that go far beyond their traditional functions and uses. Machines are intelligent. They can make informed-intelligent decisions, just the way humans can. They learn, analyze, understand and handle dialogue the same way humans do.

There’s this whole buzz around the terms machine and deep learning.Let’s take a minute to understand what people mean when they say these terms to better understand how AI, CRM, Data all of it come together to assist us when it comes to being effective in the 21st century.

Machine learning

This term has been around for a while now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 30 years.

However, in elementary terms, what does it really mean? Simply put, machine learning within the realm of AI represents the ability of a machine to learn by itself, it raises the bar in terms of self-learning. Technology today has seen AI leapfrog and grow in its uses to the point where machines don’t have to explicitly be programmed by humans to learn but can do so by themselves.

Statistical Analysis System defines machine learning as:

“A method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.”

Minimal being the key word here.

Now that we’ve understood how machine learning works, lets try and further understand what deep learning is and how it helps us better our AI and more importantly what does any of this really have to do with better CRM practices?  To put it simply, think of all these terms as that proverbial wave on the butterfly’s wing; where one betters the other and so on and so forth.

Deep learning

Bernard Marr from Enterprise & Cloud defines deep learning as:

“Deep learning is a subset of machine learning where artificial neural networks, algorithms inspired by the human brain, learn from large amounts of data. Similar to how we learn from experience, the deep learning algorithm would perform a task repeatedly, each time tweaking it a little to improve the outcome. We refer to ‘deep learning’ because the neural networks have various (deep) layers that enable learning. Just about any problem that requires “thought” to figure out is a problem deep learning can learn to solve.”

Improve being the key word here.

AI’s ability to better your process every time a task is performed essentially allows you to leverage this phenomenal learning quality to better your business.

A winning combination.
Businesses transformed; AI proof your CRM

Multichannel = Multiply Sales

interface supports multi-channel development and support. Our platform allows you to reach out to your guests in a manner that they’re most comfortable with.

You’re able to reach out to your guests over:

Out with the old. In with the new.

Tasks that require routine and mundane can now be easily taken care of with the power of AI intervention. Your sales team can focus more on tasks that require a human touch and sentiment or even ensure that the processes that have been designed can be successfully scaled; giving your guests more personalized time and human interaction, key for customer delight in any business.

The mantra? Less time on data gathering, entry and more time on selling and attention to sentiment.

Easily integrate-able

Our platform allows you to seamlessly integrate an AI-powered CRM within your software. You can easily customize your CRM to meet specific market requirements to manage multiple charters. Go ahead and easily create a truly exclusive model based on your business needs, successfully meeting them. It’s a perfect combination of hyper-customization to meet market needs.

Time & time over

Manage, measure and evaluate information as seen in real-time. Advance your CRM with a truly revolutionary platform that looks to serve you reports, analytics, territory management, sales forecasting, changes in the market and customer needs assisting us to make smarter business decisions.

Evolution is inevitable

Create a platform within your software that’s constantly evolving. A platform that’s moving towards efficient and effective solutions to best serve your guests, ensure only the highest customer delight.

Automate your business to succeeds a lot quicker than initially perceived. It’s the power of AI within your CRM.Give your business and CRM a platform that can support software needs across various industries.
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