AI Lead Generation For Your CRM

Engage & reach out to a defined target audience as you convert those leads into definite customers. AI-powered CRM helps translate to effective lead nurturing in a digital age.

AI-Powered Lead Generation – Leading The Way To Exponential Growth

Research conducted by Forrester has shown that marketers see an average 20% increase in sales opportunities from nurtured vs non-nurtured leads. Furthermore, the research also reveals that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost.

Smart business practices help pave the way for you as an organization to create opportunities of value for leads & customers; staying connected with your customers is a pressing need within any business, especially if you’re looking to scale your business.

However, we’re learning that it’s more than just converting important leads into customers, the nucleus idea of Intelligent Virtual Assistants in CRM stems from the thought process that we, as an organization, look to convert all leads into probable customers, & this is done in the healthiest & most organic manner.

With informed decisions made on an operational & analytical level, we’re able to build lasting & meaningful relationships with prospective customers; reminding them that you’re enterprise ready when they’re ready.

AI & Innovation

As of today, AI in CRM software helps with business innovation; alleviating marketing efforts to focus better on leads & customers like never before.

Through automation & support of a wide range of processes; intelligent virtual assistants in CRM helps us to streamline all our data & interact with our customers in a manner that encourages them to grow & move towards a specific / desired goal.

In order to successfully retain & convert prospective contacts into customers, timing makes all the difference. With the right timing, your own AI assistant gives you the bandwidth to be a lot more precise, apt & efficient when it comes to interacting & connecting with customers. Think of it as that keyhole that provides you with the perfect insight into the kind of innovation your business needs to practice in order to be market leaders when it comes to lead generation.

Pay Attention To The Details

Successful lead nurturing through CRM is more than just generating leads or generating new/retaining old clients. When done right, successful lead nurturing helps you pay attention to all the details; offering your clients the right information, at the right time, done through better communication; helping you add immense value to your leads, their business & yours. Everyone’s a winner when it comes to effective solutions on a nuclear level!

You don’t have to worry about doing a whole lot, that’s the idea of effective lead generation using AI. Your business gets to do a whole lot more by doing a lot less. We’re building interfaces that help you understand customers better, quicker & in a much more thought out & planned manner. The belief that every interface can be better, always resounds with us.

Be a force to be reckoned with & set that industry standard. Outselling & outperforming your competition is a whole lot easier when you’ve got your very own super intelligent sales assistant powering your CRM!

Leads. Leads. Leader!

Never again miss out on those important leads, say hello to a much high conversion rate than ever perceived, don’t worry about missing out on an important call and follow up on every little sales lead. From important emails to calls to follow up on every sales lead as your AI assistant in CRM processes over a billion requests & conversations a day!

There’s a steady & fair amount of disruption in today’s markets, a business is only as rigid & secure as its capability to change & reassess the given situation. Being adaptive & relevant is made a lot easier through AI-based CRM.

Your business is capable to win over a customer a lot faster & make lasting impressions that help you build better bonds & relevant business relationships, setting you apart from the competition.

Marketing Automation & Convers(at)ions that Matter

Here’s where conversational AI & interface truly comes to light. The ability to keep conversations going allows us to continue connecting with our customers even after they’ve become customers.

Information is readily and easily available, adding immense value & creating bigger business opportunities for all parties. Its exponential growth all around. Like we said earlier, everyone’s a winner. It’s the perfect example of a positive & fully functional symbiotic relationship accomplished through AI intervention & human emotion.

Marketing automation allows your business to target & reach out to a customer automatically at the perfect time, increasing your chances of converting a lead into a definitive customer. The answer to this is rather simple, to build systems of automated workflows, helping you streamline & organise your data to better connect with possible customers.

This process makes sure that every form of communication between an automated system and a customer always has some level of context and relevance. It’s exactly where human intervention generally fails to pick up or doesn’t perform as well, simply because it’s far too much data & at times grown complex in nature.

To strike when the iron is hot seems to be more prevalent now than ever. Marketing automation allows you to take full advantage of timeliness, helping our leads receive solutions & answers to what they are looking for, a lot faster.

“The odds of an inbound lead becoming qualified are 21 times greater when they’re contacted within 5 minutes Vs. 30 minutes.”- Hubspot

Speed Matters

AI in CRM allows your business to be a lot more efficient & agile, giving you the speed, you need in order to reach out to your customers. This helps your employees free up time & create impactful content that’s memorable & gives your business a higher chance of converting leads into customers.

Finally, we’ve got to touch up how targeting your leads, the way they’re meant to be targeted gives you the kind of edge you need to put your business at an advantage. Reading into the actions our leads come to us with & providing them with real-time, informed decisions and solutions does more than help convert leads into customers, it shows them we’re fully aware of their interests & you’ve already got solutions to problems they haven’t yet perceived.

It’s what sets you apart i.e. telling your customers what they need before they have to tell us.

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