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Virtual Assistant Features for Intelligent Banking

Context-aware, multi-turn conversations, with the help of integrated dynamic world models, packages, and contextual FAQ builders.

Automated Conversation Management

Automated Conversation Management

Develop context-aware conversations with minimal effort

It allows developers to delegate powerful, context-aware multi-turn conversation handling to the platform. With minimal coding required; developers can focus on coding the fulfillment logic of a user task.

ACM uses an Experience Model, rendering sophisticated task completion. Using in-built context-switching, memory, and dialog management; interfaces Automated Conversation Management uses a structure that groups - inputs, properties and activities required for fulfilling a user task.

Automated Conversation Management
Intelligent Assistance Management

Intelligent Assistance Management

The best customer assistance by symbiosis of Virtual Assistant and Human Assistant

Intelligent Assistance Management helps converge a human to a conversation and a virtual assistant based on the triggers during end-user conversations. The AI assistant can be sentiment and tone aware to route conversations to Customer Support Agents.

Continuous Human Assisted Learning

Continuous Human Assisted Learning

Inbuilt continuous learning loop for the assistant

CHAL helps the assistant learn continuously based on developer input. User conversations can be annotated and used for learning. Machine learning models help suggest new experiences to developers. Pseudo- Anonymizing and Annotating user conversations using both automated processes and Human-in-the-Loop.

Continuous Human Assisted Learning
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Your customers will love it when the assistant knows their needs

Integrated Dynamic World Models

Integrated Dynamic World Models

Combine the normally separate language, data, and execution models

IDM consists of data models, language models and execution models to power rich conversations. Data models help in input-query-ambiguity-resolution, inference of new knowledge and relationships. Language models with advanced NLU to enable developers to semantically define language at a granular level.

Integrated Dynamic World Models


Containers which logically group - Data, Language and Execution models

Developers can create various assistants with speed and precision by logically grouping the models for reuse. Select or override existing models to enable AI assistant functionalities. Packages can be reused across assistants enabling developers to rapidly create and deploy AI assistants with rich functionality.

Integrated Dynamic World Models
Contextual FAQ Builder

Contextual FAQ Builder

Build powerful contextual conversations

Empowers developers to create rich multimedia responses for language and channels. Quick and easy FAQ builder at its core to create and associate FAQs to build contextual conversations. Advanced FAQ builder enables developers to create and associate FAQs with IDM or custom tags to power contextual conversations.

Advanced Natural Language Understanding Engine

Advanced Natural Language Understanding Engine

Semantic Language Models to lend context to data models

ANLU enables developers to achieve high accuracy, provide coreference resolution models, and provide Out of the box data parsers for a wide range of data. Developers can achieve high accuracy easily for complex and domain specific queries by using Semantic Language Models thus keeping data models in context of the user query. Provides coreference resolution models which enable developers to better understand and appropriately respond to user queries.

Advanced Natural Language Understanding Engine

Virtual Assistant Apps to Create AI-based Virtual Assistant

Intuitive apps that help you to create Industry leading Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Platform process

There are four stages primarily in the creation of an AI assistant, and there are apps catering to each stage.


Develop context-aware conversations with minimal effort

Academy App within the platform helps you create and manage the knowledge base that assistants leverage to converse with end users.

  • Collaborative

    For experience specialists and developers to build and train AI assistants for multiple channels and languages.

  • Pre-built Intelligence

    Import existing packages from our package library for ready intelligence and domain understanding.

  • Always Learning

    Easily add trigger phrases or training data by using our advanced text editor with Intellisense.

  • Customizable

    Create using experience models to build and manage complex conversational flows to provide rich actionable responses to user queries.

  • Powerful Inference and Reasoning

    Knowledge graphs are used for efficient data representation, retrieval, power inference, reasoning and recommendations.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Easily build and visualize using our intuitive user that helps build assistants fast.

  • Contextual FAQs

    Define contextual FAQs with respect to entities, experiences, packages and Custom tags.

  • Developer Friendly

    Code snippets that can be reused that are part of the packages such as business rules and validations that can be coded through the UI.

Deploy and integrate assistant

Integrate with existing systems of record such as pre-built enterprise connectors to popular enterprise connectors to popular enterprise applications like CRM, ERP to deploy on premise or cloud.


Measure assistant's performance

Advisory App provides real time insights and dashboards on the assistant's performance to enable better decision making.

  • Centralized Dashboard

    Real-time data, visualizations and actionable insights for enterprises to continuously measure, analyze, and refine the assistant.

  • Real-time Actionable Insights

    To make data-driven decisions for improving the performance of the AI assistant.

  • Conversational Analytics

    For a deeper understanding of the customer behavior, popular intents, channel-specific usage and other business metrics.

  • Training Analytics

    Get insights into training data performance and take targeted actions with Live tips on how to improve bot performance.

Assistance Performance Testing

Refine with Assistant Performance Test

Assistant Performance Test (APT) helps you improve your assistant by continuous human assisted learning. Helps with annotation of conversations for improving assistant's performance.

Assistance Performance Testing
  • Clustering Queries

    Learning models for clustering unmatched or unhandled queries based on closely matched experience to power efficient and faster training.

  • Machine Learning Models

    To suggest new experiences to developers and append AI assistant functionality based on the user interest.

  • Test and Evaluate

    After refining, run the regression test suite to ensure correctness and introduce new improved metrics.


Live Agent
Switch to customer care

Agency App lets you switch to customer care by providing human assistance when required by the end users.

  • Live Agent Support

    To help connect to human agents for further assistance beyond the AI assistant.

  • Sentiment and Tone Aware

    The Assistant can route conversations to Customer Support Agents.

  • Taggers

    Allows developers to configure a Tagger in a live conversation and assist with query understanding.

  • Automatic Routing

    After configuration, route to the right escalation channel based on various parameters and historical data.

Speak the language of your customer

Relate better with all your target demographics by building conversations in various languages using

Conversational AI integrated across omnichannels

The AI assistant is compatible and accessible from all channels. Access the assistant anytime and anywhere.


Quickly enable a new language for an assistant

Reuse the Data and Execution Models of an existing assistant and just add a language model to quickly enable additional languages.

Virtual Banking Assistants for Banks and Credit Unions

We understand the challenges and requirements financial institutions face today. With experience in delivering immense value through Intelligent Virtual Assistant solutions for various financial institutions, we are the interface that constantly evolves and adapts to your needs.

Banking ready allows you to easily build your AI assistants or work with our managed services team to set up and deploy the assistant your enterprise requires.

With leading industry experience and apps aligned for specific requirements, deploys intelligent and informed AI solutions you are looking for.

We are enterprise-ready. The AI assistants creates can be integrated seamlessly within existing solutions. From scalability and customized deployment to knowledge versioning and user management; consists of a list of sensible apps that help your business build intelligent AI assistants. This means an enterprise stands to benefit from path-breaking customer apps that offers as a platform.

  • Built-in Integrations

    Seamless integration with existing enterprise systems to enable rapid time to market for CRMs, IVRs, and other systems.

  • Scalability

    The platform architecture is built-to-scale to handle millions of chat sessions per day while providing minimum latency/response delays.

  • Customized Deployment

    On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud deployments to have the dual benefits of flexibility and control.

  • Knowledge Versioning

    Enterprise-Grade Data Management systems with powerful versioning mechanism for easy maintenance and updation of agents along with faster deployments.

  • Master Admin

    Admin App to enable creation and maintenance of multiple assistants, along with role-based user access for managing assistants.

  • Regression Suites

    Inbuilt Regression suites to quickly verify the changes made to content and code to make sure the core functionality is stable.

  • Reliable Support

    Guaranteed SLAs for prompt support and resolution of queries with a managed services team dedicated for customers.

Security that stands scrutiny

We believe in providing a highly secure infrastructure for Intelligent Virtual Assistants. The platform complies with all the bank-level security norms and standards defined for applications and integrating Intelligent Virtual Assistants to them.

  • Security

    Enterprise-grade security and encryption at the core with in-built systems for protecting sensitive user data and information.

  • Privacy

    Customizable data protection framework to define the sensitiveness for different types of data such as private, public or protected.

  • Data Protection

    Multiple methods for masking and redacting PII and other sensitive information shared with the AI assistant.

  • Third-party Audits

    SOC II attested

  • Data Encryption as a platform helps build AI assistants with data encrypted both in transit and at rest.

  • Audit Logging

    Enterprise grade user activity audit logging for all Apps and Platform Components.

  • Access and Authentication

    Authorization combined with authentication, logging and access reporting eliminates security risks. Granular control to manage teams, roles and accesses.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or if you want to report a potential security issue, please contact us