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Add Intelligence to Banking Conversations.

Leapfrog Customer and Employee Experience with our industry leading Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Build new age self-serve channels with Voice and Text compatibility. Simplify Customer Experience with AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants.

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44% of consumers use Intelligent Virtual Assistants while 33% of customers abandon business relationships due to lack of personalizations.

- Accenture


By providing intelligent experience


By automating customer support


By identifying revenue opportunities


By creating personalized journeys

interface’s platform helps create a range of Intelligent Virtual Assistants or IVAs, that empower banks with smart solutions for Consumer Banking, Wealth and Investment.

Smart solutions help enterprises and banks gain that AI-Edge, driving business growth. By utilizing Intelligent Virtual Assistants we are able to:

Constantly Improve Customer Experiences

Significantly Reduce the Bottom Line

Improve Customer Retention

Rich Solutions

IVAs simplify banking processes for users, supporting user journey on all banking requests.


Smart Discovery


Smart Transactions


Smart Conversion


Intelligent Banking


Debt Collection


ADA & Accessibility

Smart Discovery

Easy access to the bank’s public information that assists the bank to respond to customer questions; reducing support requirements.

In situations where human interaction is required, the system supports an automatic and seamless handoff to a human agent.

Advanced Platform

Banks benefit immensely from the power of Intelligent Virtual Assistants.


Voice and Text support for conversational support.


Multilingual Global coverage with multi-language support. We speak the language your customers speak.

Advanced NLU

ANLU enables developers to achieve high accuracy, provide coreference resolution models, and provide OOTB data parsers for a wide range of data.


Create a seamless customer experience with integration across different channels, information sources, and applications.

Banks are winning with Artificial Intelligence

Banking Abilities Advanced

Artificial Intelligence is redefining banking and diversifying the way the BFSI industry functions. According to joint research conducted by the National Business Research Institute and Narrative Science, 60% of the businesses have executed AI.

Intelligent Virtual assistants (IVA’s) within the banking industry complement each other perfectly. AI brings the power of the most advanced data analytics to your business, helping you to contend fraudulent transactions and improve acquiescence, effortlessly.

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Case Studies and Success Stories

interface is changing banking today for a better tomorrow.


Smart Discovery

SIA, interface’s AI-powered Smart Discovery agent helped SBI save more than $1.72 million USD during the 17 months by handling 99% of inquiries. Customers used the IVAs for services like asking queries, fund transfers, finding branches/ATM, and other queries.


Smart Transaction

YES ROBOT, interface’s Smart Discovery and Transaction assistant helped YES BANK save more than $56k USD in cost savings in 17 months. Customers were able to ask questions anytime, perform smart transactions, and carry out online banking tasks with simple chat via the Intelligent Virtual Assistants.


Smart Conversion

Texas Credit Union implemented interface’s Smart Conversion assistant to increase form signups. TDECU improved form drop-offs and conversion rates of their form-fillup process signalling 42% increase in conversion rates and 25% positive impact in drop-off rates of possible leads.

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