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What makes us, US

The journey has been an exciting expedition of innovation from sleepless nights in coworking centers to building a progressive startup with a world-class team.


The year 2013, Srinivas and Bruce were introduced to each other by their mutual mentor.


Foregoing a million dollar job by Srinivas, and wrapping up a two decade old business by Bruce, was not an easy feat. But they had a shared vision. To build new technology that would solve problems to create a larger impact on society.

With that, they sail on a journey to expand interface’s capabilities to serve enterprises and become a global organization


Payjo was born

With the thought of 'leveraging the potential of technology, data, and processing power' to democratize interaction with machines, Payjo was created in January 2015.

From a 2 bedroom, 4 member team in 2016

to a 1,000 sq. ft. office, 15 member team in 2017

And then a 4,000 sq. ft. office with 30 member team in 2018

a 4,000+ sq. ft. office with 85 employees in 2019

"The problem is not the people, the problem lies with the machines. That it is not intuitive enough to get access."

Srinivas Njay

CEO & Founder

With the increasing reliance on machines and customers expecting seamless interactions, there is a large volume of unprocessed data. interface is driven to leverage the power of data, utilizing the processing capability AI technology facilitates.

Market validation, transformation to interface

Focusing initially on the BFSI sector, Payjo helped small banks with technology to compete with larger banks.

Empowering banks (small and big) using its AI-powered platform, Payjo enabled growth.

In December 2017, Payjo signed its first international contract with an investment bank in the U.S. driving them to evolve and grow exponentially.

Payjo’s transformation to interface is the combination of product and technology efforts that has led to exceptional platform capabilities and has received enterprise level validation.

The way forward

Opening doors to a future that has already materialized.

"To develop a robust, vertically integrated SaaS platform that identifies with a product mix that addresses the market need across verticals and geographies. Using AI, machine learning, and deep technology algorithms, it is working towards empowering businesses to compete and scale-up. With the aim to expand the global footprint and drive business growth, interface is building a world-class team."

Bruce Kim

CTO & Founder

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