There is More to ChatBots than Just Chat & Text

There is More to ChatBots than Just Chat & Text

Decades of research undertaken by some of the big enterprises, universities and research institutions have made significant strides in the quest to impart human level speech recognition. 

This is paving way for a major breakthrough in machines starting to understand us.

We, humans tend to use more than one mode of communication with our fellow beings, including through speech, scripts and fonts, gestures, whiteboarding, and illustrations. On the other hand, we interact with machines through clicks, swipes, taps, voice, etc. In a similar way, we will witness the evolution of Bots to assimilate and incorporate the best of both, resulting in hybrid mechanisms. This will lead to us completing our tasks much faster and frictionless, as compared to now.

Ultimately, our interaction with Bots will gradually become more and more natural than mere intuitive. If you tend to compare the experience offered by mobile apps or websites with that of Bots, it is akin to drawing a parallel between punched cards and modern computers. Mobile apps can be intuitive, but not completely natural. The definition of intuitiveness depends on an individual designer, hence there is always friction in learning a new app, work with new websites or even work with apps and websites you rarely use.

Bots of the future will make the focus shift from intuitive to natural. When it is natural, there is no room for our own interpretation of what is intuitive, resulting in zero friction.

every digital interaction is going to be a humanized dialogue in the coming years. Future interactions will not be through simple ‘ChatBots’, nor would they be apps encrusted within a messaging shell. They will be positioned somewhere in between the humanity of a thread, and the interactive flexibility of an app. Overall, it is a win-win for both businesses and their customers. So, it’s imperative that we rethink whether to continue calling them ‘ChatBots’.With Bots, though, 

We have started out with banks and currently collaborate with six of the top-12 banks in India, besides a few overseas clients. At Payjo, we are closely working with some of the top financial enterprises to deploy future-ready Bots for several use-cases. 

Here’s wishing you a wonderful ‘Bot-powered’ year ahead!

ChatBots. The coinage is increasingly becoming a misnomer, specifically set against the backdrop of the evolving Bot ecosystem. Let’s set the record straight.

We are moving towards a new era of computing, in which machines will learn to work with (and like) humans rather than people learning how to make machines work. The first major step towards this is to remove friction and let machines learn from us continuously. It is like how children can learn anything, once they understand a language.

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