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  • 1. Are the branches and ATMs still open?
  • 2. What precautions should I take while visiting a branch?
  • 3. How are you ensuring the continued safety of your operations?
  • 4. How are you helping people whose income has been impacted by the pandemic?
  • 5. I received a call from someone claiming to be from your bank related to the Coronavirus
  • 6. How long will the bank operational changes be in effect?
  • 7. Should customers withdraw extra money given this pandemic?
  • 8. Can I get coronavirus from cash or from an ATM touchscreen?
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    How IVA sends text and provides knowledge ondemand.

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    Are the ATM Branches open?

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    How the IVA is able to empathize and provide options to customer.

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    My business is impacted by the pandemic. Can you help me skip a loan payment?

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    How the IVA handles authenticated experiences with insight.

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    What is my balance?

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    How the IVA helps with personalised recommendation creating new revenue opportunities.

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    I would like to place a travel notice

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